Hu Xi-Shu (胡希恕) Case #3- Duodenal Ulcer (十二指肠溃疡)

Hu Xi-Shu, Shang Han Lun Tong Su Jiang Hua

 Bai, Male, 32 years old;

Initial diagnosis was on December 21, 1965: Patient presented with epigastric pain for over a year which has started to increase in severity over the last month. Pain is present prior to and after meals. Accompanying symptoms included belching, vomiting, epigastric focal distension, excessive worry and occasional abdominal fullness and distension. Tongue coating was white and his pulse was wiry and thin. Through a Barium meal investigation he was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer and gastroptosis.
He was prescribed Inula and Hematite Decoction (Xuan Fu Dai Zhe Shi Tang) combined with Poria Decoction (Fu Ling Yin) and Fritillary bulb and cuttlebone powder (Wu Bei San):

Xuan Fu Hua 3 qian
Dang Shen 3 qian
Sheng Jiang 5 qian
Dai Zhe Shi 3 qian
Zhi Gan Cao 2 qian
Ban Xia 5 qian
Da Zao 4 pcs
Fu Ling 4 qian
Bai Zhu 3 qian
Chen Pi 3 qian
Zhi Ke 3 qian
Wu Zei Gu 3 qian
Chuan Bei 2 qian

Results: After taking three packages of the above formula his epigastric pain, belching, and vomiting decreased. After six packages his epigastric pain resolved and has had no obvious symptoms to this day.

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