Hú Xī-Shù (胡希恕)- A Case of Prostatitis

On June 11, 1966, a 30-year-old male worker from the capitol airport presented at the clinic.

The patient has suffered with prostate inflammation for over half a year, for which he has taken numerous western medications, and results have been less than ideal.

Current signs and symptoms: lumbar pain, occasional lower abdominal pain, which was sometimes accompanied by sagging, distension and pain in the testicles, occasional painful urination, sticky, milky white colored discharge exuding from the urethra, frequent and scanty urination with a reddish-yellow color, a dry mouth with a desire to drink, a white tongue coating with a slimy root, and a wiry-slippery pulse.

This is a pattern of damp stasis and obstruction, for which treatment should involve disinhibiting dampness, and transforming stasis. Zhū Líng Tāng (Polyporus Decoction) with Shēng Yǐ Rén and Dà Huáng was prescribed.

Zhū Líng 3 qián
Zé Xiè 4 qián
Huá Shí 5 qián
Shēng Yǐ Rén 1 liǎng
Shēng Ē Jiāo 3 qián
Dà Huáng 1 qián

Results: After taking only two packages of the formula, his symptoms were greatly reduced. Because the lumbar pain was still present, Chái Hú Guì Zhī Gān Jiāng Tāng (Bupleurum, Cinnamon Bark, and Dried Ginger Decoction) was added to the above formula.

After a half a month on the formula, all his symptoms were basically gone.

3 thoughts on “Hú Xī-Shù (胡希恕)- A Case of Prostatitis

  1. Hi Giusi,Sorry for the delayed response to your question. When I first translated the case, I was wondering the same thing, as there is no discussion in the book as to why this formula was chosen. Chái Hú Guì Zhī Gān Jiāng Tāng was a very commonly used formula by Dr. Hú, and he did use it for pain disorders quite often. My only reasoning for it's use in this specific case, is that it can strongly expel cold and eliminate thin-fluids (rheum, dampness, etc..), which seemed to be present with this patient.

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