Currently a local resident and business owner in Port Moody, Eran Even has lived, studied and worked in communities around Canada, Europe, Israel and the Peoples Republic of China, and brings a breadth of experience and expertise to the TriCities, where he has practiced for several years. eran-evans-headshot-session-6

In 2003, Dr. Even graduated from the prestigious five-year Chinese medical program at the Shang Hai Traditional Chinese Medicine College in Vancouver and spent the following year interning with local Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) doctors. That same year, he began studying the Chinese language, both privately and at Langara College.

Recognizing the importance of integrating his Western learning with experience in the East, and armed with his newly acquired language skills, Dr. Even travelled to the Peoples Republic of China in 2005.  There he completed graduate training, completely in Chinese, at the Běijīng University of Chinese Medicine.  Dr.Even continued to mentor under one of China’s great acupuncturists, Dr. Yǔ Lán-Bái, an internal medicine specialist and an expert in abdominal acupuncture. Eran has also pursued extensive training in auricular (ear) acupuncture.

In 2015 Eran completed his studies in Classical Chinese medicine through the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine in Portland, Oregon, earning the designation of Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine.

In 2013 Eran returned to China to train with Professor Huáng Huáng (黄煌) at the Nánjīng University of Chinese Medicine.  Professor Huáng is a world renowned specialist in Classical Chinese medicine. In 2015 Eran again returned to Nánjīng to begin his Ph.D studies through the Nánjīng University of Chinese Medicine with Professor Huáng as his clinical advisor. In 2019, Eran became one of the first non-Chinese practitioners in Canada to receive a doctorate degree from a Chinese university.

In addition, Eran continues his studies in both modern and classical Chinese and works on translations of various medical texts and articles.

“As English speaking clinicians we have access to only about 5% of the literature available to Chinese practitioners, thus making the ability to read Chinese a huge asset and indeed a necessity, in furthering our capabilities of helping our patients achieve successful treatment outcomes, and opens up a large treasure trove of literature spanning the last two thousand years”.

Eran’s translations have been published in several journals and publications including, The Journal of Chinese Medicine, The Lantern, The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine, The International Journal of Integrative Oncology, and The Health Action Networks Health Action magazine. Eran’s translation of a seminal Chinese medicine text was published in September, 2014 through the Chinese Medicine Database, and he is currently working on the translation of his teachers latest book.

Dr. Even is a registered Acupuncturist and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in good standing with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia (CTCMA). He also holds professional certification in Western Herbal Medicine.
Eran lives in Coquitlam with his wife and two daughters.

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