Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient healing system dating back thousands of years that sees the body-mind process as an integrated whole.
TCM views the environment, mental-emotional state, diet and lifestyle, as equally important factors in a person’s well being, and when balanced, lead to harmony.

All organs and vital functions are seen as one constant continuum, influencing, controlling and restraining one another. While modern Western medicine sees the body and mind as separate entities, treats specific diseases and searches for certain micro-organisms to be treated with strong pharmaceutical medications, TCM uses natural approaches to restore harmony, never separating the person from the mind, the spirit or the environment.
TCM treats the person, not the disease.

With the current health care crisis, TCM offers a very sensible approach in dealing with health care concerns with its low cost and highly effective treatments. The focus of TCM is on prevention.

A Traditional Chinese Medical assessment can detect subtle changes in the body’s homeostatic balance before it reaches the disease stage, and before Western medical tests can detect any abnormalities.