Tian Hua Fen is good for treating Jaundice

Tian Hua Fen is good for treating Jaundice
Cheng Du University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Department of Chinese Herbs

By: Yang Ai
Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vol. 47, September 2006, page 651

Tian Hua Fen (天花粉): cold nature; sweet, bitter, sour flavor. Has the action of engendering liquid, transforming stasis and dispersing swelling.
The herbs sweet and sour taste is able to generate liquids, the bitter cold nature is able to clear heat with further functions of generating liquids, moistening dryness, alleviating thirst, transforming inflammation, dispersing swelling and draining pus. It is used quite often in clinical practice for heat disease with damage to liquids, vexing thirst, dispersion thirst, dry heat coughing and in toxic, swollen sores and abscesses.
In addition, my father Chief Doctor Yang de Ming with years of clinical practice uses Tian Hua Fen in the treatment of jaundice with liver inflammation and obtains comparatively good results.

For example, on March 2nd of 2003 a 25 year old male came in for a consultation. He was suffering from yellowing of the eyes and skin for 6 days, accompanied by an aversion to food, especially oily foods, dry retching, unsettling heart palpitations, dry and bound stools for 6-7 days, red tongue tip, dry, yellow tongue coating and a wiry fine pulse.
Liver function tests revealed bilirubin (TBil) at 60.84 umol/L, the Aspartate Amino Transferase (AST) at 112U/L and the Alanine Amino Transferase (ALT) at 119U/L.
The diagnosis was chronic jaundice with liver inflammation. The medicinals used were:
Tian Hua Fen 60g
Long Dan Cao 15g
Chai Hu 10g
Sheng Di Huang 20g
Zhi Zi 10g
Shi Hu 15g
Zhi Mu 20g
Dan Dou Chi 12g
Sheng Da Huang (added at the end of the decoction)
Taken in decoction, 1 package per day.

After 5 packages the yellowing and the aversion to food was clearly changing for the better, in addition there were 2 bowel movements a day. The patient was instructed to take another 20 packages of the above formula. Afterwards all symptoms were gone and the liver function tests were normal.

This medicinal is bitter, sweet, sour, slightly cold, moistens dryness and generates liquids and can be used in patterns of jaundice with depletion of fluids and constipation.
Around 50-100g can generally be used when prescribing large doses of Tian Hua Fen.

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