A Case of Infertility

6 thoughts on “A Case of Infertility

  1. You're right Ray, if it were only that easy :)My purpose for putting this case up was simply out of fascination that Tao He Cheng Qi Tang was used for fertility. I love the obscure, random uses of classic formulas.

  2. Hey Jason,the commentary was written by Liu Bao-hua (刘宝华).Possibly one of Liu Du-Zhou's students, but judging by the name, maybe a relative? I'll have to look into that one.

  3. Eran -I also love the way that \”Old Docs\” have such a familiarity with the classical formulas and their indications, pulse, etc. that they can use them with so many different conditions. I had an old Chinese Doc as a supervisor in TCM clinic who prescribed Wu Mei Wan for a female patient with axorexia nervosa, and it totally transformed her physically and emotionally. I asked him if he thought a parasite was the cause of her eating disorder, hence the choice of Wu Mei Wan, and he said no. He said that he prescribed it because her condition at that time matched very closely the indications for Wu Mei Wan.

  4. Hi Ray,It's exactly this flexibility is using classic formulas that I strive to learn. Otherwise, if we waited for the 'perfect-formula presentation' patient to walk through our doors, we may end up waiting a life time, and never get to use certain formulas.

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